Amanda Garrett’s plunge into caregiving

I spent more than 20 years as a newspaper reporter, the last 14 years of it at The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer. My abrupt departure after my parents moved in surprised everyone — especially me. Most of my life was dedicated to words, information and fact-based storytelling, an independent, somewhat sterile and hard-boiled pursuit. I naively assumed my ability to ferret out facts would help me assemble a caregiver how-to guide for myself, something to rely on in this messy world of  caregiving. I was wrong. Most of the articles and blurbs online are penned by advertisers or PR people with something to sell. There is a void of credible, unbiased reporting on caregivers, caregiving and those who need the help. This blog is an evolving project to remedy that. It will be a mix of essays about my caregiving journey, highlights of my own caregiving successes and failures, and ultimately, some well-reported stories with clear, thoughtful, useful information  that I hope can help others.

If you have story ideas, feel free to contact me at


4 thoughts on “Amanda Garrett’s plunge into caregiving

  1. I moved my parents to an assisted living facility near where I live, over four years ago. Mom has dementia and Dad has several health issues. Their lives have consumed mine. So many difficult choices to make. Best of luck to you on your journey.

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    • And you on yours. There are rarely any easy or good choices in any of this. It’s maddening. I feel like I’ve aged more in three years than in the past 20 years. Wish we adult children had better sources of unbiased information to help us find our way through this maze…and better resources to assist us. I don’t think others realize the toll it takes until they find themselves suddenly thrust into it …


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